Project documentary raises awareness of recycling and inclusion of informal collectors

100 green club members from 5 schools in Mitrovicë/a South were invited to a screening of a documentary showing the results of the project ‘Strengthening Social Inclusion and Economic Empowerment of marginalized groups in Mitrovicë/a’, funded by the European Union and implemented by Danish Refugee Council.

As part of this project, 400 recycling containers were provided to schools, institutions and businesses to give citizens in Mitrovicë/a South the opportunity to recycle. In addition, the establishment of Social Enterprise treciklo helped create jobs for informal waste collectors and ensure recycling containers are regularly emptied and recycling in Mitrovicë/a increases.

The documentary gave students an insight into how their efforts to separate recyclable waste contribute to providing employment and better incomes for informal waste collectors and divert waste from landfills.

Green Club members were not only able to discuss ways of raising awareness of recycling in their schools and at home, but also to learn more about how social enterprises can help marginalized people find jobs.

Apart from the Social Enterprise treciklo, DRC also invited ‘Grate kryefamiliare’, a social enterprise supported by the European Union and run by widowed women from Mitrovicë/a. The women started a school buffet and catering business, which provides employment for 20 vulnerable women.

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