Constitution of the “Social Business Incubator Foundation Mitrovicë/a”

Following closely the Action Plan for Handover Process of the DRC’s “Support to RAE Communities in Mitrovicë/a” Project under the framework of its economic development component, DRC has continued enhancement of the Social Business Incubator (SBI) initiative that was established by the project, in terms of the benefits it brings to RAE communities as well as it is institutionalization through a public-private partnership.

Fully involving RAE community members and local authorities in the partnership, which will enable taking over full responsibility over the SBI initiative, DRC has supported the establishment of a local association featuring some of the characteristics of a social enterprise, utilizing expertize of the International Business School Mitrovica (IBCM)

After several meetings with SBI businesses, local institutions and authorities In Mitrovicë/a that have been taking place during June 2016, the prominent individuals were selected to serve on the new organization’s Board and Executive Committee as well as determining organizational statute, bylaws and board policies. The new non-profit organization has been established and named “Social Business Incubator Foundation Mitrovicë/a” (SBIMF)

The first constitutive meeting of the SBIMF Board of Directors was held on June 28th 2016  following with the strategic planning workshop  on July 12th 2016, both held at IBCM premises in south campus in Mitrovicë/a.