KFOR LMT and Portugal contingent support the "Football school" sub-project in Mitrovicë/a

Supported by DRC and UNMIK- regional center in Mitrovicë/a, LNGO PRAM received donations from KFOR LMT and the Portugal contingent as a result of outreach conducted by the PRAM Director, Milaim Ramadani. 47 RAE children from Mitrovicë/a RAE settlements, who are actively involved in PRAM project activities related to sport education,  received soccer shoes and clothing for their regular soccer practice.

PRAM’s project ‘Football School’ aims to contribute to the stabilization and integration process of Roma, Ashkalia and Egyptian children and youth in Mitrovicë/a, and it is an integral part of the DRC “Support  to RAE communities in Mitrovicë/a” project that is financed by Swedish International Development Agency, represented by the Embassy of Sweden in Pristina.