Primary school children from Mitrovicë/a celebrate Universal Children's Day together


'I have rights!'

Under this motto, children from the Learning Center in Roma Mahalla, invited children from primary schools Andon Zako Cajup, Bedri Gjina and Eqrem Qabej to celebrate Universal Children's Day in the cultural hall in Mitrovicë/a. This event celebrated around the world marks the day on which the Declaration of the Rights of the Child and the Convention on the Rights of the Child  were adopted.

At the Learning Center, the children learned about their rights, made drawings and decorations and worked hard to perfect their performances.  On the  day, they recited poems, performed songs and dances and moderated the event themselves. 

In line with the ideals set down in the Charter which not only promote children's rights but also the understanding between children of different backgrounds and cultures, folklore dance groups from Roma Mahalla, and the Bosniak and Turkish community performed their traditional dances and gave the audience an insight into their culture and traditions.

The event was supported by the Municipal Department for Culture, Sport and Youth in Mitrovica, the Danish Refugee Council and Mercy Corps.

The Learning Center in Roma Mahalla is run by the RADC and funded by the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) under the DRC Kosovo Stabilisation of Roma, Ashkalia and Egyptian Communities Project in Roma Mahalla Mitrovicë/Mitrovica which is  funded by Sida.


Shukarno Talenti perform at Day of Bosniaks celebration in Mitrovicë/a


Celebrating the Day of Bosniaks on 28 September, the Cultural Centre in Mitrovicë/a hosted colourful performances by local folklore groups. Roma Mahalla's very own dance troupe, Shukarno Talenti, was among the groups invited to entertain the audience throughout the evening. 

Shukarno Talenti is a self-organized group of youths from Roma Mahalla, who meet every week to practice their routines. Shukarno Talenti has recently been registered as an NGO and older members are now also teaching younger children. For both children and youths, Shukarno Talenti is not only a fun after-school activity, but also a way to pass on their heritage to younger generations and keep the folk dance traditions alive in the community.

Shukarno Talenti are part of Danish Refugee Council's community development projects, funded by Sida as part of the 'Stabilization of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Community Project' in Roma Mahalla, Mitrovicë/a. 

Roma Mahalla folklore group “Shukarno Talenti” performs during RAE week


     The purpose of promoting Roma culture, through music and dancing is to empower ethnic minority Roma children and young people to develop their creative talents, as well as fostering social inclusion and cohesion, which aids their access to mainstream education.

Bringing Roma dance to the stage is sometimes challenging. However Shukarno Talenti, the Roma folklore group and Roma music band from Roma Mahalla in Mitrovica/ë want to bring their traditions to life through dance.

      From the spring till the end of autumn the RAE community have numerous celebrations and gatherings, across Kosovo and the region. One of them is the festival and celebration of Roma culture in Kosovo which took place in Kosovo Polje/Fush Kosove 31 July 2013.

Despite their difficult economic situation, duties around the school and home this group of enthusiasts pushes the boundaries within and outside their communities.

Among several RAE groups that performed that day “Shukarno Talenti” came to attention with their bright red costumes and the energy that they transferred to the audience who came to watch them and random passers-by who stopped for a moment  to be delighted with the rhythm and acrobatics of this performance. Among a large audience, there were many representatives of Kosovo institutions including the Deputy U.S. Ambassador.