Shukarno Talenti perform at Day of Bosniaks celebration in Mitrovicë/a


Celebrating the Day of Bosniaks on 28 September, the Cultural Centre in Mitrovicë/a hosted colourful performances by local folklore groups. Roma Mahalla's very own dance troupe, Shukarno Talenti, was among the groups invited to entertain the audience throughout the evening. 

Shukarno Talenti is a self-organized group of youths from Roma Mahalla, who meet every week to practice their routines. Shukarno Talenti has recently been registered as an NGO and older members are now also teaching younger children. For both children and youths, Shukarno Talenti is not only a fun after-school activity, but also a way to pass on their heritage to younger generations and keep the folk dance traditions alive in the community.

Shukarno Talenti are part of Danish Refugee Council's community development projects, funded by Sida as part of the 'Stabilization of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Community Project' in Roma Mahalla, Mitrovicë/a.