Children from Roma Mahalla celebrate International Peace Day with dance and sports

In honor of International Peace Day, Caritas Kosovo organized an event with the motto “Peace for all”. The purpose of this event was to bring together children from all communities from Mitrovicë/a and the region.

DRC Implementing Partners, NGO PRAM and NGO ZRRAM participated with children from “Football School” sub project and youth from the  initiative Youth Dance folklore group.
Activities were held in two different locations;  10 children from “Football School”
showed their talents in sport’s field “Fatime Xhaka”, while NGO ZRRAM performed with 20 youth on the main bridge over the river Ibër/Ibar which is a symbol that connects the two parts of Mitrovicë/a.

At the end of the programme, participants built new friendships between each other’s where everyone agreed that peace and harmony are the way to a better future for all.