Gjuvljano Mangipe presents their work at “Grate ne Biznes 2016”

Women Association “Gjuvljano Mangipe” with the support of DRC has participated in a three-day fair “Grate ne Biznes 2016” organized by Agency for Investment and Enterprise Support in Kosovo (KIESA) at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Republic of Kosovo, in cooperation with NGO "Grate ne Biznes".The fair was organized on 26th, 27th and 28th in Pristhina, in Skenderbeu square.
Beside project presentation, the fair was a good opportunity for “Gjuvljano Mangipe” to present and to sell their products.

“Gjuvljano Mangipe” is a group of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian women, skilled in handicrafts. “Gjuvljano Mangipe” is part of the Social Business Incubator established by the Danish Refugee Council Kosovo under the ‘Stabilization of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Communities Project in Roma Mahalla, Mitrovicë/a’. The project integrates economic development  and communities development  activities and is funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida).
For more information please contact Executive Director Mr.Nazmi Rrahmani at gjuvljano.mangipe@gmail.com and visit the official page at Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SH.G.GJM?fref=ts

NGO “Gratë në Biznes” is established as a response to women’s needs in Kosovo, especially in the fields of entrepreneurship and business. More than two decades of experience in the sector of women’s economical empowerment & development, in rural and urban areas, enabled founders of “Gratë në Biznes”, to identify many barriers which prevent women to implement their ideas and initiatives to establish formal enterprises or business.

The fair was attended by around 60 women who are business owners or women's business associations, which deal with products or business services, from all communities living in Kosovo.
This year, the fair for lovers of local products has brought diverse products from different sectors such as agribusiness, cooking, crafts, textile and leather, souvenirs and much more, all produced and processed by women of Kosovo.

Participation in this fair was another step towards the achievement of meeting the Gjuvljano Mangipe’s goals. Gjuvljano Mangipe was the only NGO participating in this fair from the ranks of Roma Ashkali and Egyptian communities.
Although during the three-day participation in the fair, Gjuvljano Mangipe has not reached any great sales except some small products with symbolic prices, but thanks to the participation in the fair, Gjuvljano Mangipe promoted products and presented the mission, purpose and objectives of Gjuvljano Mangipe to donors, local and central institutions, different investors etc.

Thanks to better presentation of the NGO by Project Coordinator, Gjuvljano Mangipe office and DRC project site are visited by the Representative of the Communities - Office for Human Rights within the Ministry of Trade and Industry Mr.Gani Seferi, to look closer at activities that are implemented by Gjuvljano Mangipe and DRC in Roma Mahalla and Dy Korriku/Sitnicko Naselje in Mitrovica.