The Learning Centre provides psycho-educational support to children in need

As part of the Sida-funded project 'Support to Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in Mitrovicë/a', the Learning Centre in Roma Mahalla, Mitrovicë/a will provide children in need with psycho-educational support in order to better cope and overcome developmental difficulties.

Psychologists from Diakonie Kosova - Psychosocial Centre for Trauma Therapy, in cooperation with DRC's implementing partner LNGO RADC have assessed children between the ages of 6-14 and recommended 12 children, some of which have special needs, to participate in psycho-educational activities and group sessions.

For at least 8 weeks, the psychologists will work regularly with the children and focus on improving children's communication skills, behaviour and interaction with others and coping mechanisms to overcome traumatic experiences.