DRC Community outreach enables more youths and adults from Roma Mahalla and Dy Korriku/Sitnicko Naselje to continue their education

As part of the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) funded project “Support to Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Communities” in Mitrovicë/a”, Danish Refugee Council (DRC) community workers organized a community outreach effort to identify youths and adults who did not complete secondary school. The outreach was conducted in Roma Mahalla and Dy Korriku/Sitnicko Naselje neighborhoods from 28th of December 2016 to 5th of January 2017 by DRC’s community workers.

86 individuals were interviewed, 64 in Roma Mahalla, 12 in Dy Korriku/Sitnicko Naselje neighborhoods. 6 youths and adults were identified as potential candidates (5 male, and 1 female) to continue their education. Thanks to these efforts they are now registered in Secondary Economic school “Hasan Prishtina” in Mitrovicë/a.

This new group of students will join the first group of 7 (5 male and 2 female) students who are already registered in the Adult education program since October 2016.