Successful outcome of Intensive Education for RAE Communities in Mitrovicë/a

On January 18th and 19th 2016, in economic school ''Hasan Prishtina'' in Mitrovicë/a are held the final exams for 12th graders, who attended intensive education supported by DRC and Caritas through the subproject “Intensive Education for RAE Communities”. Many young adults from the RAE communities were unable to continue their education due to displacement and economic hardship.  Out of 8 initially registered in October 2014, 6 Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian youth from Dy Korriku/Sitnicko Naselje have successfully passed the exams and completed their educational goal.
On February 18th 2016, in a certification event organized by the school and Caritas, the students received their certificates. Besides DRC and Caritas, representatives from civil society in Mitrovicë/a, Municipal educational authorities and UNMIK participated in the event.

The “Intensive Education for RAE Communities” is a subproject implemented by Caritas Kosova through Sida funds as an integral part of the DRC project 'Support of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in Mitrovicë/a'.

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