When Hard Work Pays Off: Fitim's story

Fitim at work in the Social Business Incubator 

Fitim Krasniqi was born in 1992 in Mitrovicë/a, one of the most critical periods in former Yugoslavia. He has a big family, 11 siblings and all of them live together in Shipol/Sipole. The 90’s were difficult years that affected everyone in this region including Fitim’s family. Faced with difficult economic conditions, many members of the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian minority communities dropped out of school. But not Fitim. He continued with his education even though he was the only one in his family working.

As a young child, Fitim set himself a goal. He would attend school and would find a good job to support his family. His efforts of securing a better future for himself and his family began in high school when he started taking English and IT classes and also got involved in different volunteer activities at a local youth center called "House of Hope”. After finishing high school he got accepted at the Traffic and Transport Engineering Faculty, at University of Prishtina and today he has one more year to finish his studies. Following Fitim’s example, his younger siblings are also attending school.

In April 2016 Fitim started working as a Community Worker within the “Support to Roma, Ashkalia and Egyptian communities in Mitrovica” project that is funded by Sida and implemented by the Danish Refugee Council. Fitim supports the DRC team in implementing economic development activities, and actively helps with further developing the Social Business Incubator in Roma Mahalla, which DRC is championing in partnership with the communities in order to ensure their integration in Kosovo society. Recently, the incubator was registered as the ‘Social Business Incubator Mitrovica’ Foundation with Fitim as one of the co-founders.

He is also in charge of developing and maintaining productive working relationships with implementing and operational partners, local authorities and other stakeholders involved in the minority return stabilization and community development process.

Fitim is very happy with this job and continues to further educate himself. He is taking English language classes offered by the International Business College Mitrovicë/a with DRC support and DRC is also helping him to hone his fundraising skills. He is very motivated to continue his work with the Social Business Incubator and the social enterprise concept in general. Fitim is a very committed and dedicated young person and will continue to work hard to gain more knowledge and experience in order to serve communities in need.