NGO Shukarno Talenti perform in Mitrovicë/a and Kamenicë/a to mark International Roma Day

NGO Shukarno Talenti from Mitrovicë/a in cooperation with the Municipal Office for Communities and Returns (MOCR) in Kamenicë/a organized on April 8th 2015 a celebration of the International Roma Day. The folklore group "Shukarno Talenti" with its 54 members was invited by the Cultural Center in Kamenicë/a to participate in the entertainment part of the program. In front of the audience from Kamenicë/a and neighbourhood together with participants from Kamenicë/a, they gave a riveting performance that ended with a party for the participants. This was the first event in the cultural and artistic events in celebration of International Roma Day.

Continuing the celebrations in Mitrovicë/a, NGO Shukarno Talenti in collaboration with NGO RADC, organized a concert with songs, dances and recitals in the Mitrovicë/a Cultural Centre “Rexhep Mitrovica”  where children that are attending educational activities in the Learning Center in Roma Mahalla and youth from Roma Mahalla performed in front of a Mitrovicë/a audience. RAE folklore groups from Fushë Kosovë/Kosovo Polje  and Prizren were also invited to perform on the day. 

NGO Shukarno Talenti is supported by DRC through the Sida-funded project ‘Support for Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Communities in Mitrovicë/a`.