Deputy Minister of the MCR, Qaush Balaj hosted the Representative of the Danish Refugee Council

Ministry for Communities and Return:
Deputy Minister of the MCR, Qaush Balaj, hosted today a working meeting with the representative of the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) Mrs. Kristen Stec and her collaborators. The meeting was mainly informative and realized that the two parties among themselves acquainted with the work of current activities. The meeting also discussed the forms and possibilities of intensifying bilateral cooperation in the implementation of some projects in the process of return of displaced persons and their reintegration into society.

Having been newly appointed to the post of Deputy Minister, Mr. Balaj informed his interlocutor that he is aware of the achievements of the MCR and all that the Ministry for Communities and Return has made for the return process together with international partners offering financial support for its successful implementation.

Activities which is meeting the DRC in order to fulfill its mission in the return of IDPs said that will be continuity. These are projects that institutions of the Government are committed to meet. What we are called is to cooperate with others to meet the norms, rules and standards of the European Union, which are the goal of our state.

DRC representative, Mrs. Kristen Stec, announced the Deputy for the long cooporation of the MCR with the DRC, saying that this cooperation will be continued further. Currently the MCR and the DRC are working on several projects such as:
-    The "Re-integration and stabilization of communities in Kosovo" funded by the US State Department implemented by the DRC;
-    Return Project in Prizren and stabilization of communities, a project co-funded by the British Embassy and the Ministry for Communities and Return;
-    Project closing collective centers in the municipality of Strpce.
Regarding the closure of collective centers zonj.Stec said they are in the preparatory phase of the project and expect to meet with the mayor of Strpce for its beginning.

In order to harvest good results as my sides agreed to continue cooperation with mutual official meetings and joint efforts in the period following the implementation of projects and resolve issues which are of particular importance for the development of communities and increase the return process. (Source: Ministry for Communities and Return)

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