Capacity building initiative at the Social Business Incubator

In September 2015 DRC launched a call for applications for the DRC Economic Development Capacity Building Initiatives Fund. DRC received four qualified bids. The criteria for this bid were background experience for such trainings; extensive experience in provision of business and civic engagement trainings, experience of working with diverse communities and excellent communication skills in order to ensure that the technical knowledge is conveyed to the beneficiaries’ educational level. Following the evaluation of bids, Management and Development Associates was selected.

Activities to benefit the Social Business Incubator started in November 2015 and will last for six months, targeting three project beneficiary groups: SBI Board, SBI startups and public/private institutions in Mitrovicë/a. The targeted trainings implemented by MDA aim at building the target groups’ capacities in different sectors, such as: 1) Kosovo Legislation and Tax system, 2) Access to finance with focusing on business planning; 3) Local Economic Development Strategy and Management.

The Social Business Incubator is part of the Sida-funded ‘Support for Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Communities’ project.