Returnees to Prizren tell their stories


Moma Pavicevic is one of seven heads of households who returned to Prizren in March 2013 to be present during the construction of their houses. Currently nine houses are under construction and work on the tenth is about to start. 

We wanted to return because we can’t live without Prizren.
— Moma Pavicevic, returnee

Learn more about the stories of Moma and other returnees below or download 'Return Stories from Prizren 2013'  

Starting in 2011, Danish Refugee Council Kosovo facilitated the first organized Serbian urban return project ‘Sustainable Return to Nenkalaja / Podkaljaja’. In collaboration with local partners, municipal authorities and the local community, DRC assisted the return and reintegration of 10 displaced minority families and individuals to the Nenkalaja / Podkaljaja neighbourhood in Prizren.

Following the success of this first round of returns, DRC Kosovo is now in the process of rebuilding the homes of another 13 Kosovo Serb families and preparing for their social and economic reintegration into the local community. 

The project is co-financed by the British Embassy and the Ministry of Communities and Returns and implemented by the Danish Refugee Council and its partner Sveti Spas.