Reintegration and community stabilization Kosovo


In its first year, the BPRM-funded project supported 26 vulnerable families returning to Kosovo from Serbia. Return locations were spread across Kosovo including 10 Municipalities; from Istog/Istok in the West, Novobrdë/Novo Brdo in the East to Dragash/Dragaš in the South.
In total, 102 individuals benefitted from a combination of assistance packages, income generation grants and minor shelter repair for their homes. In addition, the project implemented a total of 7 small-scale economic grants and community projects in 4 municipalities.

In its second year, the project will continue to support the Kosovo Government’s efforts in finding durable solutions for at least 24 displaced families in Serbia, and promoting socio-economic stabilization and increased prosperity of vulnerable returnee and minority communities.

The project activities for year 2 are divided into three complementary and inter-related components that will address the most important socio-economic reintegration needs and aim to reduce isolation of returnees using a rapid and flexible approach.


  • Assisting return
    DRC will directly provide or make referrals to other agencies for minor shelter repairs, provision of harmonized assistance packages, and income generation grants to 24 returnee families to Kosovo.

  • Creating opportunities
    This project will also assist minority and remainee communities with economic stabilization initiatives by delivering joint grants together with field-focused technical advice to at least 4 joint economic initiatives/businesses. This will include creating livelihood linkages between minority communities and surrounding centers of trade and the wider economy.
    The project will support several small-scale community projects/initiatives and 8 inter-ethnic dialogue events in cooperation with the Centre for Peace and Tolerance, that promote inter-ethnic cooperation and support reduction of the social isolation of minority returnee and remainee families.

  • Sustainable reintegration
    DRC will provide technical assistance to central and local authorities to enhance their capacities to address returnees’ protection needs and civic rights and facilitate access to basic services, including personal and property documentation, health, education, legal and social services.

All activities will be coordinated with relevant institutions in Kosovo, Serbia, displaced persons and their representative bodies, BPRM and its partners, UNHCR, and other stakeholders to ensure that adequate support is available to returnees in pursuit of durable solutions and community stabilization.

Project details

Areas of Assistance: 

  • Housing and referrals for harmonized assistance packages

  • Economic grants

  • Community development projects

  • Inter-ethnic dialogue and reconciliation initiatives

  • Technical assistance to central and local authorities.

Project Duration: 
15 September 2014-14 September 2015 

Direct Beneficiaries: 


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