Digitalisation of the certified copies of civil registry books


This EU-funded project aims at supporting the Civil Registration Agency of Kosovo (CRA) in its effort to enhance the reliability and functionality of civil status services.

As part of the 2011 Bilateral Agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, over 12,000 Civil Registry Books containing data of births, marriages and deaths have been scanned, certified by EULEX and returned to Kosovo under the EU-funded DRC-implemented Data Processing of Civil Registry Books project.  These books are now being digitalised, which will allow making their content accessible at the central as well as municipal level through the existing Civil Status Registration System, an electronic tool created as a result of merging previously independent civil status databases.


  • Data from the certified Birth, Marriage and Death Civil Registry Books will be entered into a database allowing secure storing and easy retrieval

  • A system to link the database to the Civil Status Registration System will be developed

  • Data contained in the database will be compared to that contained in the Civil Status Registration System, so as to link all civil status details pertaining to the same individual, as well as to identify any discrepancies

  • CRA will be supported in developing mechanisms and tools to address issues arising at the local level when Kosovo residents request a service from the Municipal Civil Status Offices and officers encounter a discrepancy in their civil status data

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Project partners

Civil Registration Agency of Kosovo