Sustainable return and reintegration

Starting in 2011, DRC Kosovo facilitated the first larger-scale urban return project and demonstrated that the country is stable and mature enough to welcome back and reintegrate displaced minority families in high-profile urban locations in Kosovo.

In collaboration with local partners, municipal authorities and the local community, DRC assists the return and reintegration of displaced minority families and individuals as well as refugees to Nenkalaja / Podkaljaja in Prizren. 

Prizren is well known for its cultural heritage architecture as well as its rich and diverse history and mixture of peoples. The return of minority families to Nenkalaja / Podkaljaja represents a symbolically critical step in restoring this cultural heritage zone back to its former status of a living and thriving community. 


  • to date we enabled 23 Serbian families who have spent many years in displacement to find a durable solution and return to their place of origin in dignity 
  • we provided tailor-made socio-economic support and community development projects to help returnees improve their living conditions 
  • we built homes for the returning families constructed in line with cultural heritage requirements to restore and protect the historic centre of Prizren
  • we helped build the capacities of local, municipal and national authorities to  increase  their engagement and  management  of  the  return  and  reintegration process

Current developments:

Following the success of the first round of returns, the British Embassy Kosovo and the Ministry for Communities and Return are funding another phase of the project to be completed in March 2015. In addition, the Municipality of Prizren is supporting the project by funding water and sewage works and street lighting in the return area.

DRC Kosovo is in the process of facilitating the return and reconstruction of the homes of another 8 Kosovo Serb families and preparing for their social and economic reintegration into the local community.

With this urban return project, DRC, its beneficiaries and partners contribute to create  a  multi-ethnic  Kosovo, support  the  Kosovo  government’s  IDP  returns programme  and promote  integration  and  reconciliation between  ethnic  communities  in  northern  Kosovo.  

The  project  is  co-financed  by  the  British  Embassy  and the  Ministry  of Communities and Returns. The project is being implemented by the Danish Refugee Council and its partner Sveti Spas.   


Project partners in Prizren:

  • Prizren Municipality
  • Sveti Spas
  • CHwB
  • Institute of Monuments of Prizren, Kosovo (IPM)

Project news

For more information about the project contact: 

Prizren Field Office