Roma teaching Roma

Adelina, teacher assistant, Roma Mahalla, Mitrovica

21-year-old Adelina is one of the teacher assistants at DRC's preparatory school in Roma Mahalla. Adelina was born into this community and after being displaced for years was finally able to return. 'Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of becoming a teacher' she explains. 'Most of the children here go to primary school in the  town (Mitrovica), but there is a shortage of schools so most children are only taught half-days. It is hard for them to keep up this way. That's why we teach them here and help them with their homework.'

At the school in Roma Mahalla, there are three teachers and two teacher assistants from the community who help the children with maths and writing and other homework assignments. Adelina was trained by the regular teachers and is now responsible for her own group of pupils. 'I really enjoy teaching them and most of the time it is really not that hard to keep the kids focused once they arrive here. We also try to keep in contact with their teachers in town to get feedback on how the kids are doing and to find out if some of them need more support.  Already we've seen some progress. Most of the children are getting better at maths and writing especially which motivates me and of course the children as well.'