Return to Klina/ë

Community infrastructure project Klina/ë

Silvija had been living in central Serbia for more than a decade, but returned to her village, Dugojeve/Duganjevo, in November 2010.

Silvija is one of many returnees that have come back to Klinë/Klina Municipality, Kosovo, through the project ‘Return and Reintegration in Kosovo II”  (RRK II), an EU funded project managed by the European Commission Liaison Office, co-funded by the Ministry for Communities and Return, and implemented by the Danish Refugee Council.

While in displacement she lived in many different locations, collective camps as well as private accommodation. She worked sporadically during that time, managing to earn a little income but it was not sufficient to cover her living costs.

“Years in displacement have been a very difficult period of my life”

Upon return, Silvija was given support that suited her particular circumstances, including the reconstruction of a house, help transporting her and her belongings to Dugojeve/Duganjevo, food for six months and other items, such as furniture and income generation grants, which will help her to reestablish a dignified life once again in Kosovo.  

Silvija is happy to return home after many years of displacement, and says that she has had many positive experiences relating to the whole returns process. Shortly after her return, Silvija got a job at the municipality where she works as the Community Officer at the Municipal Office for Communities and Return (MOCR), the central contact point for others wishing to return to Klinë/Klina.

Silvija is thankful for all that she has received through the RRKII, and she calls on other displaced families with special ties to Kosovo to consider returning.

“The assistance provided through the RRK II project was very helpful and sufficient to restart my life, and the job I got with municipality is very important for my future here as it will set a good basis for me to re-integrate and remain here”.

The Return and Reintegration in Kosovo project (RRK II) supported the dignified return and reintegration of minority refugees and IDPs in the municipalities of Klinë/Klina, Ferizaj/Uroševac, Kastriot/Obilić and Rahovec/Orahovac. The project donors were the European Union and the Ministry of Communities and Return, with implementation by DRC and municipal authorities.