Business with surround sound

Luani and apprentices, Roma Mahalla, Mitrovica

Luani has worked all his life as a TV and Radio mechanic in Mitrovica. Two years ago, he rented a workshop space at DRC's Business incubator in Roma Mahalla. 'I wanted to help this community. Most of the young people here are without skills and with what I can teach them I believe they have better chances at getting a good job.'

In his time at the Business Incubator, Luani has taken on over 20 apprentices and provided on-the-job training in theoretical and practical skills for repair and installation of TVs, Radios and other electrical equipment.

We have some customers from within the Roma Mahalla, but most of our work is for clients from Mitrovica and the surrounding area. At the moment there is not a lot of competition here for what we do.' Luani and his apprentices are one of the few mechanic shops that install surround sound systems in holiday coaches and buses. Mounting these systems keeps him and his employees busy especially during the summer. 'We are always trying to find new customers and expand our services and we find that so far word-of-mouth travelled well. However, in the future we will also try and use some of the marketing skills we learned from DRC trainings to expand our business further. The competition never sleeps', he adds with a smile.

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